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Study in Japan for Africa

Voices of Students & Graduates

Voices of Students studying in Japan

 Ms. Carol Mwale, Zambia

(PhD course, Hokkaido University- Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine, Surgery laboratory)


I am now pursuing PhD degree in Veterinary Anesthesiology. My research is focused on the influence of local anesthetics on joint disease. I will study the effects of local anesthetics on cells and inflammatory factors associated with osteoarthritis. My goal is to highlight different ways that local anesthetics affect cells apart from their most common use of causing loss of sensation in specific parts of the body.


I chose to study in Japan because of the long-term close relations between the University of Zambia School of Veterinary Medicine, where I obtained my Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine degree (BVM), and Hokkaido University Graduate school of Veterinary Medicine. My future career path is to be a researcher, lecturer and clinician in Veterinary Anesthesia.


Studying in Japan can be an opportunity to get a broader view of research and create collaborations for your future career. Studying abroad can also give an opportunity to appreciate a global view of the world through experiences with people from different countries and cultures and can help you have a better appreciation of the potential we have to develop our home countries.

Ms. Frances Chikanda, Malawi (PhD Course, Hokkaido University-Graduate school of Engineering)


My dream is to become a university lecturer.


I am currently focusing on remediation of waste water using nanomaterials in passive treatment systems, with case studies from 2 locations in Japan and 1 in Malawi. The main aim is to understand waste water treatment processes for further improvement and application at new sites, for a sustainable environment.


The quality of research at Japanese Universities was one of the factors for choosing Japan, in addition to a couple of recommendations that I received from my seniors. Japan also has a safe and conducive environment for studying. Actually, it is a good opportunity to study in Japan as you are exposed to excellent facilities for research, besides, you have the ability to experience global diversity, as well as build lasting collaborations.


Apart from research, Japan is good ground for cultural exchange. Therefore, as students, we have the task to represent our countries, aim for sustainable networking and contribute to the growing world of research.

Mr. Walubita Mufalo, Zambia
(PhD, Hokkaido University- Faculty of Engineering, Laboratory of Groundwater and Mass transport-Sustainable Resources Engineering)


My research is focused on the leaching behavior of soils in Kabwe town, Zambia. The emphasis is on mixing composition of heavy metals with community soils by aerosol deposition from abandoned old mine. In addition to that my research also includes land cover /land use from the time the old mine was decommissioned and find appropriate remediation strategies for affected soils. My ultimate goal is to help the communities of Kabwe to understand environmental issues affecting them in order to safe-guard their health as well as the environment.


Japan is a well-developed country with mega-busy cities that thrives on electronics and efficiency, but has an almost sacred appreciation of nature, which is amazing and that’s why I chose Japan. I also feel that the knowledge and experience from Japanese work /Education will take me to the next level in my career! My future career path is to continue doing research in areas such as Geo-Environment and Groundwater related issues.


I have had the opportunity to study abroad, through collaboration with various researchers; I got the opportunity to study in Japan. Thus, experiencing other cultures, education and work ethics helps improve your career development and understand how different people work. It also gives you the opportunity to grow as a person and improve on critical thinking.


Voices of Graduates who studied in Japan

Mr. Kimani Stephen, Kenya (MBA)

I studied on Japanese management, Organizations, Business leaders, Strategic management of Japanese corporation among others. My research was on the applicability and suitability of Kaizen in Kenya. Research focused on how the manufacturing companies implementing Kaizen have been successful in creating Kaizen Organizational culture together with the African Ubuntu organizational culture and how this organizational culture impacted the employees commitment.

During two years of the program, I experienced internship at two Japanese companies. In the first year I have kept close network links for future collaboration with Japanese business society. Then after graduation, I did it in order to be a liaison person for a Japanese company for their potential agents and to introduce their products in the East Africa Market. All these gave me a life changing experience in understanding the Japanese organization systems and organizational cultures.


I would recommend anyone to choose to study in Japan. The universities are well equipped with all study materials and with professors who create a personal relationship with the students. Practical experience and link between Japanese professors and the Japanese corporation makes the students acquire most relevant knowledge in the market. 

Dr. Eric Ofosu-Twum, Ghana

(PhD of Chemical Sciences and Engineering, Hokkaido University)


I acquired Masters and PhD in Chemical Sciences and Engineering from Hokkaido University, Japan. My research was about synthesis and modification of biodegradable plastics; synthesis and modification of the physical properties of PMMA by manipulating its polymer chain architectures.


Before I came to Japan, I graduated from a university of science and technology in Ghana and worked for a pharmaceutical company there, as a quality control chemist for 2 years. Once I came to Japan, I got a master’s and a doctoral degrees in material science and polymer chemistry to be employed as a researcher by a Japanese giant company. Current research is to develop automatic cell culture devices for stem cells and regenerative medicine. Now I am enjoying both my job and research.


My message to the youth who are thinking of studying abroad is that choosing to study in Japan is one of the best decisions you can make for your FUTURE. Open yourself up to NEW experiences. Every change is an opportunity for GROWTH. Think in terms of how you can change YOUR world.


Mr. Toure Mahamadou, Senegal

(MSc. Civil Engineering, Hokkaido University)


I got academic degree of MSc. Civil Engineering from Hokkaido University. My research topics were on transportation network planning and design, especially travel time optimization, and modeling air pollution from traffic roads in urban areas.


After graduation, I was hired as a Civil Engineer at Hinode Sangyo Co., Ltd , which is located in Yokohama city with the second largest population in Japan, next to Tokyo also geographically.

Before coming to Japan, I had experienced professional life in 2 companies in Senegal; as Structure calculator in one and Assistant project Manager in the other.

Both the professional background in Africa and the academic growth in Japan support my current career path.


As my message to prospective students, in Japan, in addition to academic knowledge, you can;

   - Build a strong human network

   - Develop business culture

   - Learn to keep learning

   - Involve in team work

   - Acquire time management



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