[Voice from Students in Japan] Mr. Amagu Amagu Clement | Hokkaido University

Study in Japan for Africa- Mr Amagu Amagu Clement- Nigeria

Mr. Amagu Amagu Clement



Master's Student

Graduate School of Engineering 

Laboratory of Rock Mechanics

Hokkaido University

My research is mainly focused on rock slope stability assessment in open-pit mines. Currently, I employed both field displacement measurements and numerical analysis in order to understand the mechanism and the causes of rock slope deformation observed at one of the limestone quarry in Japan. In this research, I am investigating the influence of geological formation, variation in weather conditions, and water infiltration on the continuous rock slope deformation and applicability of support system in order to assess stability of the rock slope, predict its future failure, and design countermeasure works. 


I chose to study in Japan through short-term exchange program between Hokkaido University and Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki, Nigeria where I obtained B.Sc in Geology. I came for HUSTEP exchange program and fell in love with Japanese manners and customs, security, and good and close relationship between students and professors. These attracted me to come back for my master program in Hokudai. However, I wish to be a lecturer and consultant in the field of geology and mining enginering in the future, so I decided to apply for PhD program to gain more research experiences. 


I highly recommend one to study in Japan, not only that it's  an opportunity to get wide knowledge of Japanese's good customs, rich oriental culture and unique policy but it will also change one's mindset toward intercultural understanding, potential human resources exchange and build good international relation among others. It will also help one to get wider view of research for an academic growth and excellent skills necessary to deal with one's future career.