[Voice from Students in Japan] Mr. RAMFUL Raviduth | Kyoto Institute of Technology

Study in Japan for Africa- Mr Ramful Raviduth- Mauritius

Mr. RAMFUL Raviduth



PhD Student

Doctoral Programme of Advanced Fibre Science 

Kyoto Institute of Technology

“To study durability limitation of sustainable materials in technologically advanced Japan”


My research field is based on the investigation of durability limitation of sustainable material by study of fracture mechanics at the department of Advanced Fibre Science at the Kyoto Institute of Technology in Japan. To achieve the goals of this study, both experimental and advanced computer simulation models are considered. The ultimate aim is to apply key findings of this study in the construction field in order to maximize the use of sustainable materials in modern structures. 


I came to Japan in 2017 after being awarded the prestigious Monbukagakusho scholarship (MEXT) by the Embassy of Japan in Mauritius. My decision was driven by the technological advancement of Japan in the world and its rigorous education system which promotes research by excellence. In the future I plan to apply the knowledge acquired in the field of sustainable material science to research and development in Mauritius.


In addition to its uniqueness and exceptional cultural heritage, Japan is safe and secured, one of the cleanest countries on earth, with amazingly mindful people. To study in Japan is a once in a lifetime opportunity. As an international student, I highly recommend prospective students to consider this option to study in Japan.

Arigatou (Thank You).