[Voice from Students in Japan] Mr. Yogesh Koomar Jagessur | Ritsumeikan University

Study in Japan for Africa- Mr Yogesh Koomar- Mauritius

Mr. Yogesh Koomar Jagessur



PhD student

Graduate School of Science and Engineering 

Ritsumeikan University

I am currently enrolled for a Doctoral Degree in Advanced Mechanical Engineering and Robotics at Ritsumeikan University, researching into strength of heterogeneous materials under multiaxial loading.


Ritsumeikan University https://www.facebook.com/ritsumei is reputable for its metallurgy research, and has a unique blend of support for both English and Japanese speaking students, which makes it very attractive. And obviously, given the rich culture and polite and hard-working attitude of the country, it is an easy choice. After my studies, I am aiming to further research into nano-metallic materials.


Learning Japanese will singularly help out-having some basics would be very useful. Be prepared to meet really polite people and a change in cultural scenery like no other.—— Embrace it and watch the magic.