[Voice from Students in Japan] Ms. Meklit Teshome | Kobe Institute of Computing

Study in Japan for Africa- Ms Meklit Teshome- Ethiopia

Ms. Meklit Teshome



Master's student

Graduate school of Information systems

Kobe Institute of Computing

I am a 2nd-year master’s student at Kobe Institute of Computing graduate school of Information systems.  My research focused on the preparation of an image dataset for machine learning utilization for Agriculture. The objective of my research is to introduce a system for dataset preparation. This will save the time researchers spend on dataset preparation and it also provides a platform to access for the datasets.


Japan is among the countries which contribute different technologies to the world that simplifies the daily life of human beings. moreover, Japan has a high education standard which is acceptable in another world and also considered as the place for innovation. This is a good reason to come and study in Japan. Besides the academic life, Japan is a country with diversified culture and huge historic background. This is a good chance to explore new cultures and new experiences through different activities. After graduation, I will go back to my country and share the knowledge I acquire in the school and from the companies during the internship.


My message to prospective students in Japan is that studying abroad and choosing Japan will offer you a great opportunity to explore both academic and personal experiences. For example,  Kobe Institute of computing promotes a “tankyu practice” exercise which helps students to find their innovative potential and it prepares the students to be a part of the solution for the social problems. KIC also offers domestic tours and research overseas. 

Besides, Kobe is one of the beautiful cities in Japan with a diversified society. Kobe provides an interestingly different way of life with various multi-cultural exchanges.