[Voice from Students in Japan] Ms. Nicole Lilian Chizi MWANGO | Hokkaido University

Study in Japan for Africa- Ms Nicole Lilian Chizi Mwango

Ms. Nicole Lilian Chizi MWANGO



Undergraduate student

Modern Japanese Studies Program 

Hokkaido University

I am currently a 1st year MJSP [Modern Japanese Studies Program].


I'm a writer, and I've always been interested in cultures and the folklore/mythology side of them. Japan is really unique compared to most of the cultures I had grown up around and learning about, and ever since I started writing my story based in Japan, it has been my goal to visit/live here.


Even if you don't know or you're not sure if you can make it, trying is the first step that could lead you to the path that is the best for your life. Trying is better than doing nothing and regretting it later on, and trying doesn't cost you anything in the long-run. Japan is a great place to pursue studies, and an amazing place in general. It's beautiful, safe, and there are lots of opportunities to grow as a better person.