[Voice of Japan Alumni] Mr. Toure Mahamadou | Hokkaido University

Study in Japan for Africa- Mr Toure Mahamadou- Senegal

Mr. Toure Mahamadou, 



MSc., Civil Engineering

Hokkaido University

Study & Research

I got academic degree of MSc. Civil Engineering from Hokkaido University. My research topics were on transportation network planning and design, especially travel time optimization, and modeling air pollution from traffic roads in urban areas.


Career Path & Current Job  

After graduation, I was hired as a Civil Engineer at Hinode Sangyo Co., Ltd , which is located in Yokohama city with the second largest population in Japan, next to Tokyo also geographically. 

Before coming to Japan, I had experienced professional life in 2 companies in Senegal; as Structure calculator in one and Assistant project Manager in the other.

Both the professional background in Africa and the academic 

growth in Japan support my current career path.


Message for Prospective Students  

As my message to prospective students, in Japan, 

in addition to academic knowledge, you can; 

  • Build a strong human network 
  • Develop business culture 
  • Learn to keep learning 
  • Involve in team work
  • Acquire Time management