[Voice of Japan Alumni] Mr. Kimani Stephen | Reitaku University

Study in Japan for Africa- Mr Kimani Stephen- Kenya

Mr. Kimani Stephen



Master of Business Administration 

Reitaku University

Study & Research

I studied on Japanese management, Organizations, Business leaders, Strategic management of Japanese corporation among others. My research was on the applicability and suitability of Kaizen in Kenya. Research focused on how the manufacturing companies implementing Kaizen have been successful in creating Kaizen Organizational culture together with the African Ubuntu organizational culture and how this organizational culture impacted the employees commitment.


Career Path & Current Job 

During two years of the program, I experienced internship at two Japanese companies. In the first year I have kept close network links for future collaboration with Japanese business society. Then after graduation, I did it in order to be a liaison person for a Japanese company for their potential agents and to introduce their products in the East Africa Market. All these gave me a life changing experience in understanding the Japanese organization systems and organizational cultures. 


Message for Prospective Students 

I would recommend anyone to choose to study in Japan. The universities are well equipped with all study materials and with professors who create a personal relationship with the students. Practical experience and link between Japanese professors and the Japanese corporation makes the students acquire most relevant knowledge in the market.