[Voice from Students in Japan] Ms. Frances Chikanda (Hokkaido University)

Study in Japan for Africa- Ms Frances Chikanda- Malawi

Ms. Frances Chikanda, Malawi



PhD Course,

Graduate school of Engineering,


Hokkaido University

My dream is to become a university lecturer.


I am currently focusing on remediation of waste water using nanomaterials in passive treatment systems, with case studies from 2 locations in Japan and 1 in Malawi. The main aim is to understand waste water treatment processes for further improvement and application at new sites, for a sustainable environment.


The quality of research at Japanese Universities was one of the factors for choosing Japan, in addition to a couple of recommendations that I received from my seniors. Japan also has a safe and conducive environment for studying. Actually, it is a good opportunity to study in Japan as you are exposed to excellent facilities for research, besides, you have the ability to experience global diversity, as well as build lasting collaborations.


Apart from research, Japan is good ground for cultural exchange. Therefore, as students, we have the task to represent our countries, aim for sustainable networking and contribute to the growing world of research.