[Voices from Students in Japan] Mr. Saul Hurwitz | Tokyo Institute of Technology

Mr. Saul Hurwitz



Master's Student

Cosmology (physics) 

Tokyo Institute of Technology

I am currently in the first year of my two-year Master’s course. I have classes covering topics such as quantum field theory, hadronic and particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology, as well as some social science courses.


My research right now involves studying the cosmic neutrino background and the expected characteristics of these particles.


I chose to come to Japan to experience a culture as different to mine as possible, and to get my degree at a highly ranked institution. In future, I hope to complete my PhD continuing in theoretical physics and go on one day to become a professor.


Message for Prospective Students

To all prospective students, I urge you to take this amazing opportunity, should you be given it. You will gain skills you cannot have imagined: ranging from academic, to linguistic, social, emotional and everything in between. You will be challenged and grow both in your field and yourself.