[Voices from Students in Japan] Mr.Yves Petemoya Clinton | University of Fukui

Mr.Yves Petemoya Clinton 



Undergraduate student

Civil Engineering 

University of Fukui

Currently, I am studying Civil Engineering at The University of Fukui. Before starting my university, I went to a Japanese language school for One year and half. The goal of this program is to prepare for University’s application and to get a necessary level of Japanese for studying in a Japanese university in Japanese.


I decided to study in Japanese because I want to learn more from Japanese about Civil constructions. To interact with Japanese Civil Engineers, understand their thoughts and learn how they have developed the Japanese railway traffic, it will help me when I go back to my country to contribute for it's development as well.


In the future, I would like to become a Civil engineer and contribute to the development not only of my country but wherever the traffic network still undeveloped. That is the reason why I choose to study in Japan, and get knowledges on how to build roads, bridges, tunnels, etc.


Japanese Universities are great places where you can meet and interact with people of all around the world. Also, Japanese universities prepare student efficiently for their future career with practices classes and experimentations. —You won’t get bored.


He is one of successful recipients of Ashinaga Africa Initiative