[Voices from Japan Alumni] Mr. Gebeyehu Tuji BENTI | Ryukoku University

Mr. Gebeyehu Tuji BENTI



Master’s Degree in Economics

Ryukoku University

I have obtained Master’s degree in Economics at Ryukoku University which is one of the oldest Japanese private universities located at the oldest and most beautiful city called Kyoto. During my stay (2014-2016) I have attended comprehensive economics courses by the known Japanese professors. My research entitled “Pattern of Export product diversification in Ethiopia.” In my research I tried to assess export diversification of East Asian countries, Japan, some East African countries. The main objective of the research was to assess the East Asian countries experience, develop the lesson and give policy recommendation for Ethiopian policy makers. Ethiopian export earning depends on very few primary agricultural products which are mainly coffee, oilseed, cut flower, pulses etc and the competitiveness of those products are low and the price of the products vary in global market.


After graduation, I had been working at JICA as a program officer of Private Sector and Industry Development. Under this program Japanese government support Ethiopia through JICA to enhance the infant private sector and industry to achieve successful economic transformation. This was a good opportunity for me to contribute for the industrialization program of Ethiopia using Japanese successful industrialization program applied after World War II and to contextualize the best methodology in which Japan used to support the development program of East Asian countries.


Japan is a dynamic country and you can learn not only from class room and laboratory but from your day to day activities that you are looking like in the train, bus, restaurant, and shopping mall; wherever you go you will learn something new for your future life, because it is Japan. Please in your life don’t miss to study in such blessed environment.