[Voices from Japan Alumni] Mr. Thierry Pellegrin | Kobe University

Mr. Thierry Pellegrin



Master’s of Economics 

Kobe University

My research at Kobe University was about the societal construction of the current Mauritian society, by observing historical data and documents from the main economic activity of the time, the operation of the sugar industry. This was possible because Kobe University is quite unique in that it has specialised researchers in the field of economic history, for which I am grateful.


Now I am working for the Trading Division of a major Japanese food wholesaler to import food from France and the United States of America.

My main responsibility is to manage the orders, shipping, insurance and payment of food imported to the Japanese market from partner suppliers in France and the United States of America. This involves 3 languages at the same time and a large responsibility I thoroughly enjoy.


Dear prospective international students to Japan, you are about to embark on a journey to the stars that you will never forget. You will never be able to simply say “that time in Japan” in a sentence in the past tense. This is because it requires a strong personal investment, which means that it will be shape your life more or less permanently. I really hope that you will have the best time possible while it is still happening, because it will pass you by very fast. And you will be left transformed.