[Voices from Students in Japan] Ms. Chilupula Subila | Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Ms. Chilupula Subila



Masters student

Language and Culture Studies

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

I began my studies in October 2018 first as a research student during which I spent my time learning the Japanese language and studying research methodology. At the end of 2019, I took the Postgraduate entrance examination and later began my master’s degree in Language and Culture Studies. My research is a descriptive study of the Bemba Honorific System to pave way for a comparative study between the Bemba and Japanese Honorific systems. The study is meant to help create teaching material for Zambian learners of Japanese to use in the future as past studies have shown that foreigners have trouble grasping the Japanese Honorific System and its use. The material will be more simplified and relatable.


Japan is the best place to pursue further studies and a career as it offers current educational facilities making studying more accessible and viable. In addition, the scholarships offered by the Japanese government help you focus on your education and have access to all forms of educational material. The opportunities here are endless and I was able to find a university specialised specifically in linguistics which is my specialty. After graduation, I would like to pursue a career in foreign language education and linguistics research.


Deciding to move from one’s home country to Japan is understandably frightening but it is worth it. The language barrier does not exist for long as Japanese teachers work hard to get you through it. There are also various support groups and career opportunities that will help you secure a brighter future.