Voice video | A day in life as a student


In early February 2021, we have asked two international students in Japan to share their daily life as a PhD student.

We are excited to share the two videos featuring Mr. Nimako from Ghana and Ms. Onuh from Nigeria both studying at Hokkaido University. 

The video features their usual routine in a day from waking up in the morning, heading to their school and working on their experiments at a world class facility. You can get a glimpse of what they encounter in Japan and their honest opinion on struggles and challenges faced when arriving in Japan.










Ms. ONUH Amara

PhD Student at Hokkaido University

Ms. Onuh visited Hokkaido University for a year as an exchange student from University of Nigeria. During that year, she met with Prof. Miwa and decided to come back to pursue her Masters and PhD under Prof. Miwa's supervision.  










Mr. Collins Nimako

PhD Student at Hokkaido University

Mr. Nimako met his current Japanese supervisor Prof. Ishizuka at a conference in South Africa, which led him to pursue his PhD at her renown Laboratory of Toxicology.