[VOICE] Ms. Alexandra Obenewaa Kwakye | Kagawa University

Ms. Alexandra Obenewaa Kwakye 


Master student Food Protein Research Lab

Kagawa University

Study & Research

I am currently studying Food Science in the Applied Biological Sciences Department under the AAP program (Special Course for International Students from Asia, Africa, and the Pacific Rim) together with Ehime and Kochi University.


Reasons to Choose Japan & Desired Future Career Path

I have always had a keen interest in food processing and innovation to help provide food security as well as help solve food problems in the community. With a background in Food Science and Technology (BSc), I knew Japan was a good place to study the science of food and its application because it has advanced technology in science education and food innovation. A typical example is the various food innovations that can be found on the shelves in supermarkets catering to a variety of health and convenience needs. Another reason was the fact that I could find a study program where I could study in English since it is universal even though I had to study some Japanese for survival. I hope to contribute to such innovations through research and science education in the nearest future. 


Message for Prospective Students

You have made no mistake in having an interest to study in Japan (the Land of the Rising Sun). As you may already know, Japan is considered one of the most developed economies in the world making it an advantage to you if you finally find your way here. Japan is a safe, convenient, and student-friendly destination with the resources to make your studies a fruitful one. It is mostly normal for students to come here with no knowledge in Japanese for survival, but universities create opportunities for the study of the language as well as providing a system to aid your student life.


I am grateful to have found myself in Kagawa, even though it is not as popular as other prefectures like Tokyo and Hokkaido, and is considered to be quite rural. Kagawa prefecture is known for its delicious udon noodles and the wonderful Seto Islands like Shodoshima and Naoshima. I am surrounded by such beautiful nature and serenity. My university also offers different special courses for international students, depending on their final career path. An example of such a course is the Master in Food Safety program (taught in Japanese) where international students learn about the Japanese food industry and become qualified to work in Japanese food companies upon graduation.



As a student thinking of coming here, take advantage of all opportunities that arise and make it a point to always remember the reason you decided to study in Japan and strive towards your end goal. And do not forget to give back to your society when you decide to go back to your home country.