Charms of Japan

Japan uniquely intertwines its traditional and contemporary subcultures, is full of nature, and has cutting-edge technology.

Amazing Life Environment

Tokyo Aerial View: Resilient Japan great for studies.

Technology supported high level infrastructure provides clean, secure, convenient and well organized environment for your daily life. There are no worries for access to the electricity and safe water.


Japan has fine-tuned and resilient systems and facilities against disasters, both fiscally and socially.


Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, was selected as the second-best student city in 2019 by the ranking of QS Top Universities.

Rich Culture and Nature

Four seasons on Japan- Spring, autumn, winter and Summer. Amazing Japan!

Four distinct seasons enrich a beautiful and enjoyable part of life with flowers, colored leaves, summer heat, winter frost and seasonal traditional festivals.


23 World Heritage sites are registered across Japan, including Mount Fuji and the historical architecture of Kyoto and Nara.