[Voice from Students in Japan] Mr. Chikwala Friday | Yamanashi Gakuin University, International College of Liberal Arts

Study in Japan for Africa- Mr Chikwala Friday- Zambia

Mr. Chikwala Friday



Undergraduate student

Liberal Arts

International College of Liberal Arts

Yamanashi Gakuin University

My study is in Liberal Arts majoring in Economics. I do research in micro-finance services in the developing countries.

I chose Japan because I like Japanese culture. Before coming to Japan I watched a lot of Japanese anime and motivated me to learn more about Japanese culture. Also I wanted to learn about Japanese economic development, especially, about how Japan improved its economy after the war. 


Though once I thought it was difficult to study abroad, especially in Japan, because of financial hardship, luckily I was introduced to a scholarship opportunity provided by Ashinaga Africa Initiative in Japan that support orphaned students in Sub-Sahara Africa. (https://en.ashinaga.org/what-we-do/africa/the-ashinaga-africa-initiative/). Then finally I was chosen for this opportunity to study in Japan.

After graduating from undergraduate degree I wanted to do an MBA majoring in marketing, continuing studying in Japan. I want to be marketing major aiding trade between Japan and Zambia.


My message to prospective students is that enjoy Japan as much as you can. Take parts in outside class activities if you want to learn more about the culture. Also, do your best to learn the language because it will help you to have best experience in Japan.