[Voice of Japan Alumni] Dr. Eric Ofosu-Twum | Hokkaido University

Study in Japan for Africa- Dr Eric Ofosu-Twum- Ghana

Dr. Eric Ofosu-Twum




Chemical Sciences and Engineering

Hokkaido University


Study & Research

I acquired Masters and PhD in Chemical Sciences and Engineering from Hokkaido University, Japan. My research was about synthesis and modification of biodegradable plastics; synthesis and modification of the physical properties of PMMA by manipulating its polymer chain architectures. 


Career Path & Current Job 

Before I came to Japan, I graduated from a university of science and technology in Ghana and worked for a pharmaceutical company there, as a quality control chemist for 2 years. Once I came to Japan, I got a master’s and a doctoral degrees in material science and polymer chemistry to be employed as a researcher by a Japanese giant company. Current research is to develop automatic cell culture devices for stem cells and regenerative medicine. Now I am enjoying both my job and research. 


Message for Prospective Students 

My message to the youth who are thinking of studying abroad is that choosing to study in Japan is one of the best decisions you can make for your FUTURE. Open yourself up to NEW experiences. Every change is an opportunity for GROWTH. Think in terms of how you can change YOUR world.