[Voices from Japan Alumni] Mr. Jason Thabo Kornegay | Ritsumeikan University

Mr. Jason Thabo Kornegay



Masters in Economics

Ritsumeikan University

Study & Research

While in Japan, my academic focus was in the field of Economics.  I finished my master’s degree in Economic Development at Ritsumeikan University, in Kusatsu, Shiga, next to Kyoto. I focused on what effect certain characteristics of businesses and business owners, had on their decision to seek private financing (bank line of credit), in South Africa. My aim was to ascertain if it was possible to isolate inefficient access to credit in the form of discrimination. This is in order to show that a more equitable approach is not only socially optimal but economically optimal as well. 


Career Path & Current Job

Currently, I am back home in South Africa, and I am working on different independent research projects, that tie into research I want to do toward a PhD. This research covers geo-economics, geopolitics and macroeconomics. I have started looking at programs in Japan in order to identify an institution in which I can work towards my PhD as a MEXT scholar again. Once I complete my doctoral studies my career goal is to start a company providing economic research analysis for the SADC region to Japanese companies interested in being part of many of the great economic opportunities in this part of the world.


Message for Prospective Students

My main piece of advice for prospective students would be to completely engross themselves in the cultural experience so as to gain from the contemplative characteristic of this culture which stimulates self-reflection. Students should also commit to learning the language and dedicate themselves to making lifelong friends in a country of warm and welcoming people. Find a trusted ramen shop, it will get you through all times good and bad. Make sure you try making mochi at least once! And don’t forget to work hard while you’re at it!