Study in Japan For Africa

Study in Japan for Africa

Scholarships for Study in Japan

        ★Japanese Government MEXT Scholarship (EMBASSY RECOMMENDATION)

           It is annually advertised around April to May.

           In 2020, however, it has just started now because of the COVID-19.

           Kindly refer to the following website for more details.

              For Specialized Training College Students

              For College of Technology Students

                    For Undergraduate Students

             For Research Students


           Check the website of Japanese Embassy in your country and get information about the deadline for  

           submission. Each country has a different deadline. Be aware that some Embassies do not receive 

           applications for all the above categories. Visit the website of Japanese Embassy in your country and

           confirm well. 

             ( )・・・Deadline for submission of Application for 2021

              - ・・・It will be announced soon


             Tanzania(31st July 2020)      Kenya(1st July 2020)       Rwanda(-

           Uganda(4th September 2020)         Ethiopia(31st July 2020)  


             Zambia(21st August 2020)

               Namibia(31st July 2020)                            Botswana(30th June 2020/31st July 2020 ) 

             South Africa(21st August 2020)               Mozambique(31st July 2019

             Malawi(-)                                                    Mauritius (31st July 2020)

             Madagascar(-)                                             Zimbabwe(30th June 2020)


             Ghana(31st July 2020)                              Nigeria(31st July 2020)

                 Liberia(31st July 2020)                                     Sierra Leone(31st July 2020

             Senegal(-)                                              Côte d'Ivoire(-)                       

             Cameroon(30th June 2020)