last update 15 April 2021


There are scholarship to apply BEFORE enrolling into a university and other to apply AFTER enrolled into a university. 

Many universities also offer tuition waivers. Some waives up to 100%. 

This scholarship is on MA courses at following courses/universities in Japan;
・Public Economics | International Christians University
・Business, Commerce & Taxation Policy and Management | Keio University
・Information Systems | Kobe Institute of Computing
・Public Policy | Meiji University
・International Graduate Program on Civil and Environmental Engineering | Saitama University
・MA of Public Policy, International Program, International Program on Agricultural Development Studies | The Tokyo University
・MA Program in Economic and Public Policy | University of Tsukuba
・Infrastructure Management Program | Yokohama National University 
application close 21 May 2021
application close 30 April 2021
APPLICATION OPEN | for those who have been accepted by a university
application close 14 May 2021
application close 20 May 2021  (written in Japanese) 
APPLICATION OPEN | for currently enrolled students
Heiwa-Nakajima Scholarship for International Students (application closed Sep 2020 for 2021AY)

Scholarship to apply before enrolling /upon university application 


Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) Scholarship


Teacher training students  under 35 approx. 1200 USD Japanese embassy/consulate in your home country (Embassy recommendation)
Undergraduate students 17 to 24 approx. 1000 USD
College of Technology students 17 to 24 approx. 1000 USD Japanese embassy/consulate in your home country (Embassy recommendation) or university (University recommendation) 
Specialized training college students 17 to 24 approx. 1000 USD
Research students | Masters course under 35  approx. 1260 USD

Research student | Doctoral course 

 under 35 approx. 1270 USD
Monbukagakusho  Honors Scholarship for Privately-financed international students

Privately-financed student of undergraduate, junior college, college of technology, or specialized training college

 n/a approx. 420 USD Japan Student Services Organization 
Local government and private organization scholarship 

to be posted

Eligibility and condition differ by scholarship

※ Embassy recommendation is announced by the Japanese Embassy/consulate at your country around April/May. 

※ Types of students accepted by Embassy recommendation differs by the country where the Japanese Embassy/consulate is based.  

※ Past examinations for Embassy recommendation can be found here.  

For Short-term study in Japan

Following scholarship is for those who are enrolled in a university which holds inter-university exchange program agreement on a short-term from eight days to one year.  

Student Exchange Support Program | Japan Student Services Organization 

Scholarship list

Scholarship list for students from Sub-Saharan African region

Document contains scholarships offered by 

・ Local governments and international associations in Japan

・Applicants residing abroad

・Applications after arriving in Japan

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