Steps for Studying in Japan

Choose a University and Find a Professor

For undergraduate level, only limited courses are taught in English while there are a lot for postgraduate levels offered in English.

You will be able to find a university and course using the following list and get more details from the university website.

In postgraduate level, it is necessary to find a supervisor for your research.

Application (Exams, Interview)

Undergraduate level sets exams for international students, while postgraduate is required to have an interview and submit a research plan. However, admission process and requirements vary depending on the school. It is best that you visit the school website for details.

You can find URLs of university’s website in the lists.

Apply for a Scholarship

Those who needs financial supports, the following links will provide the necessary Guidance, lists of available funds and application procedures

Prepare for Japan (Passport, Visa, Ticket, Learning Japanese)

People studying in Japan must apply for a visa first. You need to apply for one via the Japanese Embassy in your country before your departure. Further information will be provided from the Japanese Embassy in your country.

Even if you enrol in a course in which you can earn credits of classes taught in English, learning oral Japanese will make your life in Japan much easier.

You can start to learn Japanese language at home.

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